SmartTV Tutorial

Add a Calendar Event 

        ( Click here for the PDF if iorad is loading slowly)

Google Classroom:

Approve a youtube Video

Add a Google Classroom  (Steve's Tutorial)

Google Classroom Start to Finish (Eric's Presentation)

Add Google Classroom Calendar to your website

Add a Parent or Guardian    (More details here)

Parent or Guardian e-mail summaries  (They do not need a gmail account for this)

How to: Create Auto-Rubrics to use with Google Classroom 

        (Eric's Auto-Rubric Template, you can copy this)

How students use DocHub to fill your PDF Worksheets (no OCR needed)

Doctopus + Classroom + Goobric

Google Docs:

Make a SIMPLE Self-Grading Quiz  (Multiple choice only)

Make an ADVANCED Self-Grading Quiz  

        (All advanced options here)

        (Allow multiple correct answers!)

        (Help for Science and Math)  

        (Help for English)

Convert a PDF to Editable Google Doc (OCR in Google Docs)

Convert a PDF to a Fillable Form (OCR in Adobe Acrobat)


AIW Staff Google Classroom

Submit an AIW Coversheet Form (Before you present)

Update your AIW submission

Record a Video ( PDF if that link is slow)

Upload an AIW Video  ( PDF if that link is slow)

Fix a Video with Audio Clicking 

Q-Comp Checklist

Fab Lab:

Fab Lab Ordering Form (fill out and then share with

Machine Operation Tutorials

Project Specific Tutorials (more coming soon)

Install Adobe Creative Suite   ( PDF if slow)  (You'll need to ask for access)