Kelliher School Board

Board Members

Frank Duresky

Kevin Waldo

Dawn Jensen

Rachel Jorgensen

Tessa Koist

Dan Persons 

The School Board meets the second Thursday of each month in the School Library Media Center. Meeting time is 7:00 p.m.

Blackduck American - Official district newspaper


Systems Accountability - Dawn Jensen

Technology - Rachel Jorgensen

North Country Vocational Coop. Representative - Frank Duresky

Athletic Advisory/Sports Coop - Kevin Waldo

BRIC Representative - Dawn Jensen

EdMN-Kelliher Negotiations - Kevin Waldo, Frank Duresky and Rachel Jorgensen

Legislative Liaison - Frank Duresky

Staff Development - Frank Duresky

MN State High School League - Kevin Waldo

Old School Advisory - Barb Woltjer and Tessa Latterell

Insurance - Barbara Woltjer

School Forest - Frank Duresky

Teacher Evaluation Committee - Dawn Jensen

World's Best Workforce Advisory Committee - Dawn Jensen

Meet & Confer - Dawn Jensen and Barb Woltjer

Education Links: 

Minnesota Department of Education

Minnesota School Boards Association