Shot Club (5K,10K,25K)

We are excited to kick off the 1st year of the 5000, 10,000 and 25,000 shot club.  Kids that commit to this program are demonstrating the culture trait of having a growth mindset to “trust the process” to become better.  Here are the details:

10000/25000 Shot Club

  • The 10000/25000 shot club is for kids going into 5th-12th grade
  • There are 6 different workouts kids can choose from- each completed workout is worth 225 shots
  • The workout will make kids make shots in order complete the work out
  • The ONLY way kids can count makes is to complete one of the workouts
  • Once kids complete a workout then they may count extra shooting as shots (but only makes)
  • Kids can begin tracking workouts on June 1st (tracking sheet is below)
  • The workouts take a little long at first until kids learn them so stick with it, it will get shorter
  • You can print the workouts or view them on any device
  • There are demo videos for each part of the workout and also for each move and each finish
  • To start it works best to repeat a workout 2-3 times before trying a new workout so it can be learned
  • There are 2 COUNTER workouts (Rip Counter Series and Dribble Attack Counter series)- these should only be done when Rip Series and Dribble Series are learned
  • It works best if kids focus on 3 moves per workout and do those same moves each time they complete that workout to master the moves- once mastered then move on to a different move
  • For younger kids and beginners- some of the finishes (lay ups) can be advanced so they can change the finish to something more basic (like a regular lay up) until that is mastered
  • All members of the 10,000 shots MADE club will receive a long sleeve shooting shirt with the 10,000 logo
  • All members of the 25,000 shots MADE club will receive a long sleeve shooting shirt with the 25,000 logo AND your choice of a personalized basketball OR a Mustang Basketball Nike Elite Basketball Backpack with their name on it
  • All workout tracking sheets must be turned into Chase Pink or Kevin Waldo by 10/17/22

Workouts and Tracking Sheet Links:

5000 Shot Club

  • Dates are 5/16/22- 10/17/22
  • For players currently in grades 2 and 3 (entering grades 3 and 4)
  • Pick the workout you want to do- there are 2 different workouts to choose from (each workout is worth 150 MADE shots)
  • Keep a running tally of shots completed so you know where you are at (tracking worksheet link is below)
  • All members of the 5000 MADE shot club will receive a t-shirt with the 5000 logo
  • All workout sheets must be turned in to Chase Pink or Kevin Waldo by 10/17/22

Tracking Sheets and Workouts