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Kelliher School Wellness


Kelliher School Supports the Following Practices as Reflected in the School's Wellness Policy


  • Kelliher School does not advertise or market foods and beverages that do not meet the Smart Snacks  criteria to students
  • The school only permits food-related fundraisers that meet USDA's Smart Snack standards, even if the State allows exemptions.
  • If foods and beverages are sold to students on the school campus at events outside of the school day (e.g. sporting events, after-school activities, award ceremonies), then water, fruit, and/or vegetables are also offered and promoted as options.
  • The majority (greater than 50%) of school-sponsored fundraising events conducted outside of the school day includes only non-food items or only foods and beverages that meet or exceed USDA's Smart Snacks in School nutrition standards.
  • Students are allotted a full 30 minutes for school lunches and breakfast.
  •  Physical activity is never used as a direct reward, nor is it denied a student as a punishment.
  • Food is never used as a direct reward, nor is it denied a student as a punishment.
  • Physical activity is a priority and is encouraged through 30 minute recesses, Physical Education every day, and activity breaks every morning and afternoon.


Health Tips fo Parents

Nutrition  for Parents & Families

Team Nutrition Library and Resources

Parents and district patrons are invited and encouraged to participate in the development, review, update, and implementation of Kelliher School's Local School Wellness Policy


Parents, students, and all stakeholders are encouraged to provide suggestions and feedback on the school meal and physical activity programs by using the following link: 

"Suggestion Box"