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Kelliher Public School is seeking a 1-12 grade 1.0 FTE World Language teacher for the 2019-20 school year.  Preference will be given to applicants with Spanish emphasis. All world languages will be considered. Please send letter of interest, resume, copy of licensure, and other applicable materials to Open World Language Position, Kelliher Public School, 345 4th Street NW, Kelliher, MN 56650. Position open until filled.


Kelliher Public School is seeking a 6-12 grade, 1.0 FTE Language Arts teacher for the 2019-20 school year.  Please send letter of interest, resume, copy of licensure and other applicable materials to:  Open Language Arts Position, Kelliher Public School, PO Box 259, Kelliher, MN 56650.  Position is open until filled.


Position Opening:  Transportation Director, Kelliher School         

Proposed Date to be Hired:  April 2019

Supervisor:  Superintendent         

Duty Year:  Twelve Month Salaried with Benefit Package

Main Duties and Responsibilities:  Repair and service bus fleet and other District-owned vehicles and equipment.  Monitor and perform regulatory safety procedures for buses, equipment, facilities and other OHSA, state and federal requirements as needed for the transportation program.  Prepare and adjust bus route schedules according to student enrollment along with after school and activity runs. The daily driver of a regular bus route. Maintain and adjust bus driver schedules throughout the school year with scheduling driver training, substitute bus drivers, testing and meetings as needed.

Basic Requirements: Basic use of word processing, spreadsheet and email computer applications used to generate schedules, budget reporting, periodic correspondence and updates for drivers.  Positive and open communication skills to interact with parents, drivers and school personnel. Basic mechanical knowledge of heavy truck/bus chassis and passenger vehicles.  Ability to diagnose and repair vehicle issues. Ability to adjust bus routes/times and drivers as bus routes periodically change. Mandatory attendance, training and gaining certification for Drug & Alcohol Supervisor and Train the Trainer School Bus Driver Course tentatively scheduled for July 15 through 19, 2019 and July 20 through 24, 2020.  Certify and train for class B Tank Operator for Underground fuel storage tanks in July 2019.

Work Requirements to Attain and Maintain After Hiring:  Train and Certify in Drug and Alcohol testing and supervision. Train and certify for Class B Tank Operator for underground fuel tanks.  Update and train drivers on student bus safety procedures. Address student behavior issues with guardians. Certify and train drivers in School Bus Driver Safety through periodic courses.  Maintain driver and vehicle records as required by the Department of Transportation and State Patrol. Acquire and maintain Bus and Vehicle Mechanic ASE certification courses. Active membership on School District Safety and Compliance Committees.  Perform annual driver training and reporting by law. Acquire Federal Head Start and School Bus Accident reporting training for later submissions. Maintain scheduling and workload of vehicle preventative maintenance with related parts inventories and periodic inspections and report completion per state and federal regulations. Maintenance and upkeep of both new and old bus garages and parking lot that meets cleanliness and safety regulations.  Generate reports and upload driver requirements to MN DMV website or other contacts.


Laura Nelson
Business Manager
Kelliher Public School District #36
PO Box 259
Kelliher, MN  56650
(218) 647-8286, ext. 1305